Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is more than a centerpiece for a special moment of your reception
it's your dessert.

Choose a conventional single flavor cake or a more contemporary multi-flavor cake out of these flavors
or create your own flavor profile.

We can even build your very own cake sculpture, customized to you in every way. Let us help you make your day
the best that it can be.

Each cake is unique and we recommend setting up a tasting/consultation appointment so that you can sample some popular flavors. We can then walk through any design preferences and discuss pricing options.

What about the groom? While all the preparation seems to be on the wedding cake, don't forget about the groom's cake.
It's not mandatory, but many couples want to include one. It can be served at the reception as the second cake, or served the night before at the rehearsal dinner. Typically the cakes are more outlandish and represent the groom's interest, whether it's a hobby or favorite sports team.

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Also, ask about shower and anniversary cakes.