Here's the Behind the Scenes look at the making of the Triple Chocolate Horse Cake

Chocolate Clay

Once the custom support system was assembled, I added the chocolate clay. This confection is also called modeling chocolate.

Although it's not an icing, it is completely edible. I added the chocolate clay veneer to the legs (along with one white chocolate hoof) and crafted the head in one solid piece.


Chocolate Cake

I shaped two layers of freshly baked double chocolate cake to form the body and neck of the horse, with chocolate buttercream icing between the layers. (Notice a theme here?)

For an extra touch, I decided to use some of the remaining cake to create a bale of hay.

Finishing Touches

I coated the rest of the cake with more chocolate buttercream icing, colored to match the modeling chocolate. Then came the mane and tail, made from spun sugar. I crafted the bridle with multi-colored fondant icing.

The edible bale of hay became a mini-cake, coated with pretzels to mimic the look of actual hay.